1619 Interviews – Nancy Heitzeg on the School to Prison Pipeline

Dr. Nancy A. Heitzeg

Dr. Nancy A. Heitzeg is a Professor of Sociology and Director of the interdisciplinary Critical Studies of Race/Ethnicity Program. She currently is the Endowed Chair in the Sciences, engaged in a three-year action research project, Challenging Criminalization: Beyond Policing and Punishment. Professor Heitzeg has written and presented widely on issues of race, class, gender, and social control with particular attention to the school to prison pipeline and the prison industrial complex. She is the author of The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Education, Discipline, and Racialized Double Standards (Praeger, 2016)  and Carceral Con: The Deceptive Terrain of Criminal Justice Reform (with Kay  J. Whitlock, University of California Press, 2021).

Dr. Nancy Heitzeg discusses her research and book “The School to Prison Pipeline: Education, Discipline, and Racialized Double Standards.” Dr. Heitzeg touches on police in schools, unfair suspensions, racialized biases, and the emergence of a system of medicalization that is different for white and black children.

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