3 Regency Mysteries

What could be better than a Regency romance? Why, a Regency mystery novel, of course! And especially a Regency mystery series sparkling with a little bit of romance, as well.

Author Sheri Cobb South is off to a terrific beginning of what promises to be a highly enjoyable mystery series with her first three books. Bow Street Runner (the 18th-century version of a criminal-nabbing detective) John Pickett is introduced to Lady Julia Fieldhurst in London upon the occasion of her husband’s murder in the first novel, In Milady’s Chamber, when the detective work and the romance begin.  The two form an unlikely crime-solving team, successfully solving the mystery against the background of a growing romantic attachment. The duo meet again in the country in A Dead Bore, when Lady Fieldhurst once again encounters a mysterious murder and summons John Pickett to the case, asking him to arrive incognito. Both humor and intrigue are added to the plot as John elects to masquerade as Lady Fieldhurst’s footman in order for them to secretly conduct their investigation and find the killer. In the third installment, Family Plot, Lady Fieldhurst and John Pickett meet through a series of coincidences in Scotland to solve a case of identity and possible fraud.

Sheri Cobb South is a writer with a light touch perfectly suited to this very specific genre, and she manages to sprinkle Regency details and language throughout while keeping the story fresh and engaging. Best of all, there are more books coming, according to her website. Stay tuned!

Other enjoyable Regency reads are Jude Morgan’s An Accomplished Woman and Jo Baker’s  Longbourn. And, we can’t forget the incomparable Jane Austen, who lived and wrote during the Regency era and published such literary gems as EmmaPride and Prejudice, and Persuasion.

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  1. What a nice surprise, stumbling across your blog featuring my books! I noticed the date on it was August, so I checked your library catalog to make sure you knew about the September release, DINNER MOST DEADLY, and saw you’d added that one to the collection as well. In case you’re interested, there’s also a prequel/novella called PICKPOCKET’S APPRENTICE, which recounts John Pickett’s rise from juvenile delinquent to the Bow Street foot patrol. No romance here, but you might say it’s a love story of a different sort, as it establishes the father-son relationship between John Pickett and his magistrate, Mr. Colquhoun. It’s available in both paperback and electronic formats.

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