30 Day Book Challenge: Day 22 — A Book That Makes You Cry

Déjà vu! Oh well, have a freebie:

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson


This book made me cry, yes, and then made me laugh two sentences later. The Sky is Everywhere is the most honest portrayal of grief I have ever read, ever. No one ever tells you how surprising it is that while grieving, life goes on. You expect everything to stop, but it doesn’t. Sometimes you’re depressed, but sometimes you’re not— and things are funny, and things are absurd, and you laugh– and then feel guilty about it. That’s the major theme of this book. It made me cry, it made my heart ache; it’s one of those books that after finishing, you read the dedication and the thank-yous and the author bio, hungry for more. If you read it now, you’re in luck– Nelson’s sophomore novel, I’ll Give You the Sun, just came out on September 16. You don’t even have to wait!

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