30 Day Book Challenge: Day 30 — Your Favorite Book of All Time

It’s obvious to me that very few readers have a favorite book. What’s been nice about this challenge is that I was able to share almost all my favorite books with you, via one prompt or another. But there are two books left on my list of absolute favorites that I wanted to mention:

1. The Green Mile by Stephen King

Like me, you probably think “Stephen King” and think “horror.” I’m not a fan of the horror genre because I’m a big baby, but I absolutely loved this book. It is creepy at times, and there are some graphic depictions of violence— but it actually doesn’t fit into the “horror” genre at all. It’s an incredibly moving portrait of humanity, pain, and the value of life. It’s absolutely one of my favorites.

2. A River Runs through It by Norman Maclean


This book has some of the most gorgeous writing I have ever read. You will never read another book where the author spends 30 pages describing fly-fishing in detail, and feel completely flooded with poetry and gorgeous imagery. I wish Norman Maclean had written more books, but I am really thankful for this one. It’s funny, heartbreaking, and so, so, incredibly beautiful.

Both of these books were adapted into really fantastic films, as well, so you can enjoy them doubly. (The Green MileA River Runs through It)

Well, that wraps up the 30-day book challenge— and the end of September! As the days grow cooler I look forward to hours inside with a hot drink and a book in hand. I hope you’ve discovered some old or new favorites along with me these last 30 days, and I encourage you book lovers out there to take on the challenge!

You can find a full list of the 30 prompts as well as links to my answers here.

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