A Journey Through Time and the Canadian Wilderness

Etta woke up early one morning and decided that that was the day she was going to go on an adventure. She’d never been to the sea and was determined to make her journey on foot. So, she left her husband a short letter, and set off across their farmland, stopping to speak to their good friend and neighbor Russell, and was on her way. Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper is a story not only about Etta’s journey, but about Otto and Russell too. These three lives have been entangled ever since Etta became Otto and Russell’s teacher in their one room schoolhouse located in rural Canada right at the beginning of World War II. The story flows freely through time, fast-forwarding and rewinding from the 1940s to the present day. The flashbacks are shown mostly through wartime love letters sent back and forth between Otto and Emma. The present day is shown from the perspectives of Etta, Otto and Russell; all of whom may or may not be reliable narrators. Now, if you’re wondering about James, the last name in the title….well, I won’t give that one away, you’ll have to read about him yourself when you pick up the book!

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