From January 12 to March 9, Heights Libraries will be hosting Explore Space: A Cosmic Journey, an interactive exhibit on the origins of galaxies, stars, planets, and life on Earth.

Want to get started exploring the cosmos over winter break? Here are a few apps that bring space exploration to your smartphone or tablet:

Explore the Solar System

Solar Walk 2 (iOS, Android) – Explore 3D models of our solar system!
Free with ads. In-app purchases available.

NASA’s Eyes – Explore Earth and our solar system, the universe and the spacecraft exploring them on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

Explore the Constellations

SkyView® Free (iOS, Android) – Point your phone at sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites and more.
Free. In-app purchases available.

Star Walk 2 (iOS, Android) – View a night sky map anywhere you point your phone.
Free with ads. In-app purchases available.

Star Walk Kids (iOS) – Younger explorers can learn about astronomy in this fun, interactive game.

Explore Space News and Images

NASA App (iOS, Android) – Keep up to date with the latest news and discoveries from NASA.

Space Images (iOS, Android) – Enjoy images from the Mars Rover, NASA satellites, and more.

ISS Spotter (iOS& ISS Detector Satellite Tracker (Android) – Find out when the International Space Station is over your house!
Free with in-app purchases available.

For more space related programs for all ages, click here!

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