Around the World One Cuisine at a Time

So you think you’re  a culinary expert?  Go ahead and read Danyelle Freeman’s book Try This: Traveling the Globe without Leaving the Table to determine if you really know as much about food and various cuisines as you think. Freeman, a restaurant critic and creator of the food blog restaurantgirl has written a compendium of food which highlights everyday food from 14 different countries. Her book is jam packed with dishes both familiar and unfamiliar to most people.

Freeman presents cuisines from Europe, The Middle and Far East and discusses many of the comfort foods that people in those countries eat. She brings in historical tidbits, eating etiquette and her opinions of New York restaurants that serve these popular cuisines. Her ability to make every meal sound like her last highlights how her love of food shines through in her writing. She enhances her descriptions with mouthwatering prose which may cause you to immediately search for a Vietnamese restaurant in your neighborhood.

If you have always died to learn more about food items like bibimbap, cocida, wu tao go, dubu jigae or robatayaki, this is the book for you. Perhaps, Freeman could write a sequel exploring African, South American and other world cuisines left out of this book. Until then, bon appetit, kali oreski and buon appetito.

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  1. Just reading your blog – I am going to reserve this – looks like a fun book.


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