Art by Maria C. Pelissier

Art by Maria C. Pelissier

January, 2023

Artist’s Statement: Maria C. Pelissier

My life began as an artist when I was pulled out of fourth grade class to draw a giant lion for my school’s bulletin board. My inspiration as a child growing up in a small apartment in the Bronx came from my mother, drawing and painting with oil pastels. My life is overflowing with creating works of art, not only in painting, but three-dimensional discoveries in clay, stone, silver and wood. My goal in life is to create artwork that I can share with others, in doing so establishing my personal happiness and inner peace. When I paint I look for the changing light effects, enthusing my choice of colors to dance upon landscapes, flowers and people. My brush, my air chisel and my torch are challenged to generate excitement using the basic elements of art design and capturing my parts of my soul.


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