Art House Cinema


Sometimes people use the library to travel to places they can’t get to in person, or to places they’ve been and places they want to revisit. Through books, music and movies we can participate in what some call armchair travel.

For me, travel usually involves a trip to the local art museum. So when I came across the film Museum Hours, I knew I had to see it.

It offers a slice of life of the Kunsthistorischen Museum in Vienna, Austria. We see the galleries. We take part in a docent talk about painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. We witness a museum guard at work. We observe a visitor who doesn’t speak the language or know her way around. And we watch as the guard and the visitor start up a friendship. It’s a quiet, contemplative movie. Very similar to an actual trip to the art museum.

If you want to experience more art through film, check out Russian Ark. It’s one amazing continuous shot through the Russian State Hermitage Museum and Russian history.

Happy armchair travelling.


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