Author Spotlight: Martine Murray

Although it’s becoming more popular, Henry is still not a very common name.  So when I hear it, my ears prick up.  That’s probably part of what made me pick up Henrietta Gets a Letter by Martine Murray.

The lovely Ms. Murray

It helped that there is a girl flying on the cover, wearing a green top hat and smiling.  What better way to travel?  Turns out that this is the second in the Henrietta series (starting with Henrietta, There’s No One Better and including Henrietta the Great Go-Getter).  Henrietta’s letter, actually an invitation, doesn’t show up until about halfway through the book.  First, Henrietta must deal with the noises under her bed.  She reasons through the possible explanations: It couldn’t be a crocodile because crocodiles like to sit up and have tea and strawberry cupcakes.  They don’t want to slob around under a bed.  She doesn’t think it could be a rhino, because rhinos prefer to point their horns in a threatening manner.  And if it were an elephant, the bed would look like this: (picture of an elephant squashing a bed).  And speaking of elephants, they make good travel partners: Martine’s curly imagination and funny musings go all the way from picture books in Mannie and the Long Brave Day to young adult fiction in How to Make a Bird.

Read about Martine on her page over at Scholastic.  She’s very artistic and has lots of funny things to say.

Henrietta appears in a book trailer narrated by Martine.  Watch!

Then you should read all the books by Martine Murray, too.

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