Best Webzine Ever

If you don’t already know, the most rad site out there for teens (mostly teen girls, but the content is relevant for guys, too) is Rookie Mag.

Rookie was started by Tavi Gevinson, a fashion blogger from Illinois whose blog got international attention when she was– get this– thirteen years old. Now she’s sixteen and in her infinite wisdom decided that teens needed something written for them that was by people their own age– people who GET IT.

Check out Rookie’s website for articles, photography, DIYs, reviews, and advice on everything from dating to politics to religion to watching obscure films from the 1970s. Also check out my favorite feature, “Ask a Grown Man” (also a grown woman, occasionally), where they wrangled some cool comedians, actors, and influential people like Tavi’s dad and got them to answer readers’ questions about life as a teen.

Also, last fall, Rookie celebrated their one-year anniversary with a book that you can get through Clevnet. I received my own copy as a gift, and I’m pumped because I get to keep it forever. If you want to do that, buy it here at Rookie Mag or here on Amazon.

Rookie has lots of contributors– YOU can even submit stuff (check out next month’s theme on the right side of the page when you’re on the site). It’s basically the coolest thing ever, and I wish I had it when I was a teenager. Take advantage.

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