Better Know Your Library #67: Local History Now Featured on our Website

Be sure to check out our the new portion of our website dedicated to Local History!

The website covers several major areas:

  • Digital and physical resources
  • Online research databases
  • The historical library timeline
  • Our local history blog
  • A compilation of oral history interviews with former staff members
  • Home history research assistance
  • Home renovation and restoration information
  • Beginning genealogy research
  • A collection development policy for local history items

In particular, we hope to highlight and promote our offerings on Ohio Memory. We have currently uploaded over 4,500 items to this database that help preserve and share the history of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights library, chronicling our unique history and also sharing our achievements and contributions with the community at large. We are also very excited to share our oral history interviews with former directors such as Rachel Wayne Nelson and also long time staff such as Bill Rubin.

When you are done checking out our website, please also visit our Ohio Memory page, where we house digital items such as newspaper clippings, photographs, and other documents relevant to the history of the library and our local community.

For further information, please see our press release in the Heights Observer or contact a reference librarian.


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