Better Know Your Library #70: Architectural Blueprints of the Coventry Grade School Building

Thanks to the generous donation of Evan G, a local resident, and the assistance of the Cleveland Public Library’s Digital Hub, we were able to scan and upload the architectural blueprints of the original Coventry Grade School to our Ohio Memory page. These blueprints are fascinating to look at for many reasons, but they are near and dear to the library’s heart because this building was our original home. If you look closely, you will find us located in the basement on scan 2 of 26. This building and the plans are dated 1917 by the Cleveland Landmarks Commission. This original building was demolished in the 1970’s and replaced with the new Coventry School which is currently under the stewardship of the library. The architect of the original building was Franz C Warner, and the blueprints are labelled as building no. 1016. Physical dimensions are 24″ H x 36″ L with a brown hardback casing. To read more about Franz C Warner please click here to access the Cleveland City Planning Commission site.

Landscape plans from October 20, 1959 were also uploaded, and you can access those here at this link. The planning consultant and landscape architect was Charles L Knight, and the blueprints are labelled Plan No. 5738-P. Physical dimensions are 29″ H x 41″ L, and there are 12 pages total.

For more information on the original Coventry School please click here to access an article on Cleveland Historical.

To access the chronology of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library and our beginnings as a school library system, please click this link here to access our website.

Last but not least, if you want to learn more about the Cleveland Public Library Digital Hub, please go here to access their site. These plans were scanned using their amazing i2s machine, and we are very grateful to them for all their assistance on this project.

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  1. The photo of the classroom is Mrs. Stevens first grade classroom. Those kids are the future class of 1983. I’m the kid with the hand up in the back row.

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