Black and White

Today we read some great books that have the colors black and white in them. There are many fabulous animals that are black and white. Penguins, puffins, zebras, toucans, dalmatians, the list is longer than one would think.

Our first book was a great story of friendship between two puffins.

Puffin Peter

Book cover for Puffin Peter by Petr Hora?c?ek

Words and pictures by Petr Hora?c?ek

Our next book was a about a cow named Pamela that really likes her pears.

Too Many Pears!

Book cover for Too Many Pears

Jackie French (words); Bruce Whatley (pictures)

For our craft we created panda bear paper bag puppets.  The template for which can be found here.

For more great books with black and white animals and objects, please click here.

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