Book Review: Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth

Wow, things have been pretty quiet at Charlotte’s Weblog lately!  But we have been reading and we promise to update you with all of our latest discoveries.  I just finished a great book and felt the need to share it.

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor is the first in a fun new series.  Nancy Clancy, though you may know her better as Fancy Nancy, decides that she wants to be a detective.  She’s got the trench coat, which all great detectives wear.  She’s inquisitive, a fancy word for nosey.  She knows all about investigating, finding clues, and dusting for fingerprints.

The only problem: she can’t find a mystery.  Unfortunately, no criminals seem to live in her town.  Just as she’s about to despair, not one but two different mysterious happenings occur.  With the assistance of her best friend Bree, her knowledge of the art of detection (mostly gained through reading mystery novels), and her wits, it’s up to Nancy to solve the mysteries.

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth is a wonderful and promising beginning to a new series.  The book is sure to appeal to all the kids who’ve read and liked the Fancy Nancy picture books and is likely to gain a legion of new fans as well.  It’s funny and clever and pays homage to that other great detective named Nancy…Drew, that is!


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