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Check the link above for “Teen Reviewer” to see the latest teen reviewed book.  This month Mikale reviewed Feed by M.T. Anderson.  Interested in reviewing a book?  Just let us know!!

Feed by M.T. Anderson

read by Mikale

“The feed. The feed. Everything revolves around the feed.  A transmitter installed in you’re brain, the feed tells you where the best parties are at on the moon, great tourist attractions on the moons of Jupiter, what hairsyles are so last minue ago and what clothes are “meg brag”, where the best sales are.  On the feed, you can chat with your friends.  The feed tells you what you want when you don’t know what it is.  The feed is everything.  That’s what Titus thinks until he meets Violet, someone who’s different.  Her world doesn’t revolve around the next minute’s hairstyles, she uses words like “picayune” and cares that trees are being cut down to make air factories.  She cares about ancient Mayan temples.  She cares that the government tries to keep the people from knowing that it’s not a democracy.  She tries to resist the feed.  She’s different than the others.  That’s what pulls her closer to Titus, and what slowly pushes him away from his friends. 

After a hacking incident, things go wrong with Violet’s feed, fatal errors that could kill her.  Read what happens as Titus tries to figure out where he stands in the commercial world he lives in, where people who resist the feed get hurt.”

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