This post is an ode to the best toy ever invented: the cardboard box! Today we had a blast reading books about boxes.

Our first book was:

A Special Kind of Love

A Special Kind of Love

Stephen Michael King (words & pictures)

We went on to play a flannel board game called “Little Fox, Little Fox”. The children really got into this rhyme which goes: Little fox, little fox, are you in the ______ box? I originally saw this rhyme here.

Little Fox flannel board rhyme

Our next book was:

The Spooky Box

The Spooky Box

Mark Gonyea (words & pictures)

The children had a blast with this book, it was interactive, funny, and of course-spooky!

For the craft I gave each child a cardboard box and they had an awesome time letting their imaginations run wild (and so did the grownups)!

Here are some photos of the great time we had with our boxes.

such detail!


she got really involved with this activity!


Lovely! great job! having a great time vroom-vroom!


For more books about boxes CLICK HERE.

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