Today’s Explorastory was a fun-filled discussion and practice of building. I love this theme because kids really get into it!


Building with Dad

“Building With Dad” by Carol Nevius


Froggy Builds A Tree House

“Froggy Builds a Tree House” by Jonathan London


Building A House

“Building a House” by Byron Barton


Building Beavers

“Building Beavers” by Kathleen Martin-James


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We also did the action rhyme “Johnny Works With One Hammer”.  Here are the lyrics:


Johnny works with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer (pound fist on knee)

Johnny works with one hammer, then he works with two

Johnny works with two hammers, two hammers, two hammers (pound both fists on knees)

Johnny works with two hammers, then he works with three.

Continue the rhyme up to 5, adding a stomping foot for hammers 3 and 4, and nodding your head for hammer 5.

Johnny works with five hammers, then he goes to sleep (put head on two hands and pretend to be asleep).


For our art project, we made houses out of popsicle sticks. Since the kids in my group tend to be very young, I approached the project as a collage on paper. A pre-K (ages 4-5) group could probably handle building a 3-D house out of the popsicle sticks as an alternative.


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