Today we had  special guests from the Cuyahoga County/Ohio Farm Bureau visit for Explorastory! Ms. Anita read some great stories about bees and Mr. Dennis (the beeman) talked to the children about beekeeping. He also brought a bee suit, smoker, honeycombs, and other great things for the children to touch and try on.

Our first story this morning was:

The Beeman (also known as the ‘Book of the Year’)

The Beeman

Words by Laurie Krebs; Pictures by Valeria Cis.

We also read:

A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey

Words & Pictures by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Our craft was a fun, simple, and cute bumblebee that you can find here.

Below are some photos of the children touching all the great bee stuff and making their crafts!


Ms. Anita from the Farm Bureau!


Mr. Dennis: the Beeman! trying on the bee suit


each child got a taste of honey if they wanted


finished product 😀



CLICK HERE for more awesome books about bees and honey!

Special thanks to the Ohio Farm Bureau for reaching out to us to educate children and families about the importance of bees to all of us!


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