C is for a few things

Looking for something fresh for storytime at home?  Here’s a shiny new one!

The cow loves cookiesThe Cow Loves Cookies starts off the right way, with a little familiar animal rhyming, cartoony cheerful artwork, and text that winds all over the page.  You can tell pretty quickly that mischief is underway.  Barnyard books get cranked out all the time, but there’s something awesome about the lyricism of Karma Wilson’s writing.  It rolls right off the tongue, so easily that you almost get tripped up reading quickly like a tongue twister.  The star of the book, Cow, enters each scene to break up the bullet train of words with the reminder: SHE. LOVES. COOKIES.  The cow’s adherence to cookies is certainly something I can understand, and kids do too.  I think what I like most is that far from being discouraging or parsimonious, the farmer is totally in on the deal.  Check out the cover illustration.  The cow loves cookies, and Farmer loves to give her cookies.  Could there be a reason? Hmm?

You’ll have fun reading this book.  Try this, for instance:

Whenever Farmer feeds the horse
He feeds the horsey hay, of course
The horse just loves to nibble hay
He eats it every single day

The Cow Loves Cookies
by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Marcellus Hall

And guess who else likes cookies.  Now, there are plenty of stereotypes about libraries and librarians that I have no inclination to reinforce.  So contrary to this doofy guybrarian’s lackluster customer service, I want to assure you that anyone who loves cookies, be they kid, cow or monster, can find what they want at our library.  In fact I’m munching on some Lorna Doones right now, and they are delicious.


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