CATS picks May 2012

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The Unseen Guest By Wood, Maryrose

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The IncorrigiblesAlexander, Beowulf, and Cassiopeia are back! After a brief and eventful stay in London the children and their governess, Miss Penelope Lumley, return to Ashton Place. But things are about to get exciting here too. Lord Ashton’s long-estranged mother comes for a visit, bringing with her the renowned explorer Admiral Faucet. The Admiral’s latest adventure was to Africa, where he bought a dull-witted but very fast ostrich named Bertha. When Bertha escapes into the woods surrounding Ashton Place, it’s up to the Incorrigible children to find her. But when the children go back to the forest in which they were raised for so many years, will they want to come back out again? This third book features bird watching, wolves, seances, new mysteries, and all the humor and charm of the previous books in the series.

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth By O’Connor, Jane (eBook – 2012) Click here to access eBook 

Fancy Nancy Clancy stars in her first chapter book! After reading several Nancy Drew books, Nancy decides she wants to be a detective. She’s got her best friend Bree, her pink trench coat, and her fingerprint kit. However, as much as she tries and pries and snoops she can’t seem to find a mystery. But when a theft occurs in her classroom, will Nancy be able to crack the case? This is a fun and promising start to a new series.

Ruby Redfort Look into My Eyes By Child, Lauren (Book – 2012)
If you’ve read Clarice Bean, you may know who Ruby Redfort is.  In case you don’t, she’s a smart-as-a-whip 13 year-old girl detective.  Which is a good thing because someone has to figure out what happened to her missing housekeeper Mrs. Digby.  Ruby is smart and uses codes to communicate with her friend Clancy to solve the mystery.  Great next read for any Nancy Drew fans out there looking for contemporary mysteries.
See what Ruby Redfort is all about.  Or visit Ruby’s website and crack the code.
A Greyhound of A Girl By Doyle, Roddy (Book – 2012)
A Greyhound of a Girl is a ghost story about four generations of women that will give you chills and warm your heart at the same time.  Join cheeky Mary O’Hare, her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother in a midnight adventure into the past and a lesson in letting go. “One of them is dead, one of them is dying, one of them is driving, and one of them is just starting out.” A perfect read for middle-school tweens and teens.
Icefall By Kirby, Matthew J. (Book – 2011)
This book made me want a pet raven.  See, Odin had two pet ravens named Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory.  Solveig, the second (and thus unimportant) daughter of the king, is sent to a stead along with her older sister and younger brother.  Under the protection of a small band of soldiers, they are to wait out a war being fought against their father.  The stead is on a remote fjord, and as the story opens the fjord is nearly covered over in ice, worrisome since the supplies are running low.  They fear the worst when a warship appears in the narrow sliver a water that remains.  But instead of enemy warriors, the kings has sent his beserkers, savage warriors clad only in animals furs, to the stead for extra protection.  This looks bad and the beserkers are rough company which means Solvieg has limited options when the fjord freezes completely and bad things start to happen to the inhabitants.  During the winter, Solvieg discovered she has a penchant for storytelling and aided by her pet raven (!) might one day become a skald, a storyteller who has the power to craft legends out of people.  If she survives the winter, that is.

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