Be a New Thing

Today we read stories about changing form.

“The Magic Hat” by Mem Fox follows a hat blown around town on a breeze stopping oh, so briefly on the head of a…bear?  Well, it used to be a man, but now it’s a bear!  Oh, the magic hat!

Next was “Fall Is Not Easy” by Marty Kelley in which a tree seems to have trouble getting its leaves to turn the usual colors.  Instead, the leaves turn purple and yellow, black and white, the pattern of a hamburger, the pattern of a globe.

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It’s a funny book that gave us the question we answered in artwork: If you were a tree that could change the color of your leaves, what would you make them?  So kids either cut out or drew a bare-branched tree and made leaves.  We used real leaves on stamp pads to make leaf shapes in different colors.  This worked for some kids, and others took to using their fingers.  Some really great, colorful results!

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