Chick Lit Alert :0)

Okay, so imagine waking up every morning in a different place in time (zone), spending one day on the east coast, then the next in the desert, having the luxury(?) of living two fulfilling lifestyles, or so you think?

This is the basic premise of Me vs. Me by Sarah Mlynowski; in this book Gabby Wolf can’t decide between living a single, carefree, “sex in the city-like” existence with her new career in New York and marrying the love of her life and staying in Phoenix.  So the cosmos pretty much decide for her and allow her to have both.  But you know it won’t be that easy!

Me vs. Me  (and other Red Dress Ink titles) is a great escape from the “back to school blues” and awesome way to close out your summer.  This is a very entertaining and quick read, and yes there is a happy ending that actually makes sense.


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