Chick lit romance or just a doggone good story?

Occasionally, you may want to read something light-a good story that isn’t that serious but has a fairly unusual plot, moves fast enough and has interesting characters (though not always likeable). Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee could be that book.

Unbeknownst to Emily, Sandy, her adored husband, is on his way to tell her he wants a divorce when he is tragically struck by a car and dies on a snowy New York city street.  Before the realization that Sandy is gone forever sets in, Emily is confronted by the wealthy Portman family attorney who informs her she will have to vacate the apartment she shared with her husband-the same home she has lovingly restored. Her grief makes her initially immune to the fact that their marriage was not all that it seemed.

But just as anger, disbelief and  melancholy take hold of her life, she rescues a small scruffy dog from the shelter where she volunteers and Einstein comes to live with her. As she makes her way through the early days of widowhood, faces daily problems at her book editor job and discovers her husband was not the loving man she imagined him to be, little scruffy Einstein is at her side. How and why Einstein helps her is at the center of this story which manages to convey so many emotions-anger, sadness, tenderness, remorse all tempered with light-hearted comedic scenes.

Is there hope or redemption in sight for Emily, Sandy or even Einstein? Read this book to see how this unconventional story ends.

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