Today we read some delicious and tasty books about chocolate!

Our first book was:

Beans to Chocolate (non-fiction)

Beans to Chocolate

Words by Inez Snyder

We went on to do the Chocolate Cake rhyme:

Ten little candles on a chocolate cake. Wh! Wh!
Now there are eight
Eight little candles on candle sticks Wh! Wh!
Now there are six
Six little candles and not one more Wh! Wh!
And now there are four
Four little candles red, white and blue Wh! Wh!
Now there are two
Two little candles standing in the sun Wh! Wh!
Now there are none.

Our next book was:

Oh, Ducky! A Chocolate Calamity

Oh, Ducky!

Words and pictures by David Slonim

For our craft we created cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows. I adapted the craft, but you can find the instructions for the original here. Below are some pictures of the children making their own cups of cocoa.

For more picture books with chocolaty goodness, please click here

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