Colorful Crayons!

Today we read some awesome stories about crayons.

Our first book was:

A Day with no Crayons

Elizabeth Rusch (words); Chad Cameron (pictures)

We went on to do some fun rhymes about crayons. I gave each child a sheet of construction paper of a various colors. When their color was called out they waved their sheet of paper high in the air. Here are the rhymes below:

I have a crayon, I’ll give it to you.
Here is my crayon, my crayon of blue.

I have a crayon, a lovely little fellow.
Here is my crayon, my crayon of yellow.

I have a crayon, it’s here on my head.
Here is my crayon, my crayon of red.

I have a crayon, we can draw a circle.
Here is my crayon, my crayon of purple.

I have a crayon, what do I see?
Here is my crayon, an orange one for me.

I have a crayon, the best ever seen.
Here is my crayon, my crayon of green

Action Rhyme: “Crayons”
Put your Blue crayon in the air hold it high and leave it there.
Put your Blue crayon on your back
Now please lay it in your lap.
Hold your Blue crayon in your hand
Now everyone please stand.
Wave your Blue crayon at the door
Now please lay it on the floor.
Hold your Blue crayon and jump, jump, jump.
Hold your Blue crayon way, way up!
(Repeat with Green and Red)

Our next book was:

Go to Bed, Monster!

Natasha Wing (words); Sylvie Kantorovitz (pictures)

We had a simple craft today. The children made their own crayon magnets. Here are some photos below:

”×225.jpg” ”×225.jpg” ”×225.jpg” ”×225.jpg” ”×225.jpg”

For more books about crayons, please click here.

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