Aren’t crayons the best?  The vivid colors, the iconic crayon scent; it’s all so wonderful.  That’s why we decided to do an entire storytime honoring our favorite childhood medium! Books:

“The Crayon Box That Talked,” by Shane DeRolf
“A Day with No Crayons,” by Elizabeth Rusch, illustrated by Chad Cameron
“My Crayons Talked,” by Patricia Hubbard
Other Books about Crayons:

“Harold and the Purple Crayon,” by Crockett Johnson

“Chalk” by Bill Thompson (not exactly about crayons, but great for inspiring discussion as the book has no words)

“Crayola Counting,” by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Art Project:  What do you think we did?  Yep, you’re right.  We colored with crayons!  We laid out all of the different colors of crayons on the table with various coloring pages and blank paper to create pieces on their own.  We also gave them the option to do crayon etchings.  This is done by first covering a piece of paper with a rainbow of colors.  Then, cover all of the colors with a layer of black crayon.  Take a pointed object such as your finger nail, a popcicle stick or the edge of a bent-out paper clip and use it to draw a picture on the black layer of crayon.  The black layer will scratch off, revealing the rainbow of colors below!  Here’s one that we did, although it’s kind of hard to see:

For other wonderful craft projects done with Crayola crayons, check out their website here:

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