Creepy Crawlies

Did you know you have millions of tiny creatures living on your skin? Some are helpers, like the ones used to make medicine,but some can make you sick. Tiny Invaders!: Deadly Microorganisms by Joyce L. Markovics explains in an easy to read manner what the different types of microorganisms are and how they can harm us. There are definitions on most pages for the science vocabulary, and even people like me who aren’t “science-y” folks will understand the book and find it thrilling. This book includes a glossary at the end as well as a list of other books to read on the topic and a link to a website with more information.

Books nearby on the shelf:

Microorganisms by Louise and Richard Spilsbury

Microscopic Life by Richard Walker

The Protoctist Kingdom by Marc Zabludoff

Tiny Life in the Air by Christine Taylor-Butler

Click here to check out these books.


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