Creepy, Crawly, Reptiles!!!

Crocodiles! Snakes, and Lizards! Oh my! Today we learned about creeping, crawling reptiles.

Our first book this morning was:

How to Hide a Crocodile and other reptiles, by Ruth Heller.

We then had tons of fun with the “5 Hungry Crocodiles” rhyme. I used a crocodile puppet and gave each child a different colored fish made out of construction paper. When I called out different color fish for the crocodile to eat, the children would ‘feed the crocodile”!

Five Hungry Crocodiles

5 hungry crocodiles each made a wish

5 hungry crocodiles wished for a fish

One wants a purple fish

Help him get his wish


Keep counting down to 1 until all the colored fish are gone






And that left none

Five crocodiles sleeping in the sun

After that we went on to read:

Stanley Mows the Lawn, by Craig Frazier

Stanley Mows the Lawn

Our craft was a paper crocodile, which I found here:

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