Curbside Pick-Up of Holds

Heights Libraries is happy to announce that curbside pick-up of holds will begin on May 18.

This will be a drive-through, no-contact service. The curbside holds pick-up service will initially be only for (1) customers who had holds ready at the time of the library’s closure on March 13, and (2) customers who wish to order and pick up items currently available in the Lee Road building. (Those orders must be placed by phone.)

  • What: All Heights Libraries holds, regardless of which branch you had designated for pick-up.
  • Where: The Lee Road branch, 2345 Lee Road
  • When: The weeks of May 18-22 and May 26-29 (not open on Memorial Day), Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hold Pick-Up Procedure:

  1. Call and confirm your hold is ready, 216-932-3600.
  2. Write down your assigned order number. A staff member will give it to you during your phone call.
  3. Write your order number legibly on a big piece of paper and put it in your windshield so it will be visible to library staff. Cars with no number will not be admitted.
  4. Enter the main Lee Road Parking lot from the Dellwood side and exit through the Ormond side.

If your trunk will not open, or if you have a van, the holds will be placed on a table and you will exit your vehicle and pick them up from the table.

If you do not have a car, please call 216-932-3600 and a pick-up arrangement can be made.

ALSO: The book drop at Lee Road will be open for returns during these service hours 10-4 Monday-Friday. Please be careful driving through the parking lot.