Database of the Month “Discovering Collection”

Infotrac Discovering Collection is a wonderful research database of citations, abstracts, and full-text articles available from our website at the library or from home.

What can you do with these searches?

  1. Find information from journals and magazines quickly and easily.
  2. Make a search and see a list of results called citations.
  3. From the list of results, click on an article you want to read.
  4. Print or email the article if you need to read it later.

From our webpage at click on Do Research.  Then click on the Widget “Discovering Collection.”  You can also find the link in our drop down menu.

Subject guide search
When you are searching a general subject or concept that can be described in one or two words, choose subject search.

Keyword search
When you have a good idea of how you are focusing your search, do a keyword search.

Have fun finding information with this terrific research tool.

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