Dot the Fire Dog

Today we read the picture book “Dot the Fire Dog”, and other stories about the work firefighters do.


Dot the Fire Dog

“Dot the Fire Dog” by Lisa Desimini


Firebears: The Rescue Team by Rhonda Gowler Greene


Rhinos Who Rescue

“Rhinos Who Rescue” by Julie Mammano


“Fire Engine Man” by Andrea Zimmerman


Click here to order these books and other Firefighter books from the Heights Library catalog


Here are a couple of firefighter themed fingerplays to use in a group:

Fingerplay: A Fireman


This brave fireman is going to bed

Hold up right thumb.

Down on the pillow he lays his head

Lay right thumb on left palm.

Wraps himself up in his blanket tight

Curl fingers around thumb.

And plans to sleep that way all night.

Yawn, close eyes, motion going to sleep.

But the fire alarm rings! He opens his eyes!

Open eyes.

Quickly he’s dressed and down the pole he slides

Right hand slides down left arm, gripping wrist to elbow.

Then he JUMPS in his fire truck to GO, GO, GO!

Pretend to drive, steering fast.


Fingerplay: Five Little Firefighters


Five little fire fighters sit very still
 hold up five fingers
Until they see a fire on top of the hill!
Number one rings the bell, ding-dong.
  bend down thumb
Number 2 pulls his big boots on.
 bend down pointer finger
Number 3 climbs on the truck right away.
 bend down middle finger
Number 4 joins him, no one can wait.
  bend down ring finger
Number 5 drives the truck to the fire.
  bend down little finger
The big yellow flames go higher and higher.
  spread arms
Whooo-ooo!  Whooo-ooo!  Hear the fire truck say
  imitate siren

As all of the cars get out of the way.

Shhh!  goes the water from the fire hose spout,
  rub palms together
And quicker than a wink the fire is out!
     clap hands. 


Our art project was inspired by “Dot the Fire Dog”. I had kids create their own dalmation picture by using a template (which can be found by clicking here)and making fingerprint “dots” on the dog with black watercolor. A few got creative and used the entire pallette  for their spots.  They also collaged on a fire hat, and colored in a background with markers.


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