Everyone knows there’s no such things as dragons.  Or are there?!?


There's A Dragon Downstairs

There’s a Dragon Downstairs by Hilary McKay

Puff, the Magic Dragon

Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow*

That's Not My Dragon

That’s Not My Dragon by Fiona Watt


*Puff the Magic Dragon came with a CD featuring the famous song by Peter, Paul, and Mary.  I played the song and turned the pages to the book in time to the lyrics.  Some of the kids were fascinated by this, others were a bit restless.  You can always read the book yourself, instead or have the kids dance and wave scarves or streamers while they listen to the song.


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Rhymes and Fingerplays:

Little Dragon

Little dragon counts to three

Little dragon bends one knee

Little dragon whistles and sings

Little dragon flaps his wings

Little dragon touches his toes

Little dragon touches his nose

Little dragon makes a funny face

Little dragon runs in place

Little dragon lays on the floor

Little dragon starts to snore


I’m a Little Dragon (tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little dragon

Strong and stout

Here is my tail and

Here is my snout

If you get me upset

You better watch out!

I’ll give you something

To shout about! (roar and pretend to blow out fire)


Five Green Dragons

Five green dragons making such a roar

One danced away and then there were four.

Four green dragons dancing around a tree

One danced away and then there were three.

Three green dragons dancing around a pool

One danced away and then there were two.

Two green dragons dancing in the sun

One danced away and then there was one.

One green dragon having lots of fun

She danced away and then there were none.


Fly Dragon Fly (tune: Skip to My Lou)

Fly, fly dragon fly, fly, fly, dragon fly

Fly, fly dragon fly, way up in the sky

Hop, hop dragon hop, hop, hop, dragon hop

Hop, hop dragon hop, hop, hop dragon stop.



I found a really nice, elaborate dragon template at Craft Jr.  Kids colored in the dragon however they liked.  We then took a strip of colored paper and folded it, accordian style.  We glued the head of the dragon on one end of the paper strip and the tail of the dragon on the other end.  We taped two craft sticks to each end of the paper strip so we could have a colorful, moveable paper dragon puppet.





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