So waaaaaay back long ago, the Cleveland Heights Library started this blog to highlight some of the great children’s books we have at the library.  Here’s a sample of the most recent collection of what we review, all strangely elephant-themed.

The Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems (Read by Chris AND Cheryl): Gerald the elephant and Piggie are the best of friends.  They seem to do everything together, and their exploits are certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Be it Piggie’s attempts to cheer up her friend in My Friend is Sad, or Gerald’s massive worrying over whether or not to share his ice cream in Should I Share My Ice Cream, young and old will enjoy.  This is also a good series to read with someone just starting out on their own reading.  With two parts to read, this series is perfect for a fun reading time together.

Click here to find a copy of Should I Share My Ice Cream.

Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Jacobson (read by Cheryl)

Jack Martel, an 11 year old boy obsessed with elephants, wakes up alone in Acadia National Park with only his tent, a phone and $14.  His mother took off during the night, but it’s not the first time, so Jack knows she will come back soon.  At first he doesn’t worry, and even has fun with the other campers and shares their picnic lunch.  But when Mom doesn’t return, and he ruins his phone, a panicked Jack decides to search for her on the island.  Not finding her, he makes a plan to get to his home in Boston without letting anyone know his mother has deserted him.  This proves to be much harder than he thought as he runs into one problem after another.

Click here to find a copy of Small as An Elephant

Click here for the AUDIOBOOK version

I Love You Dude by V. Radunsky (read by Henry)

Why are you so skinny? What’s the deal with those shoes? What awful graffiti you are, up on that wall! These are the things Dude hears every day. Even the encouragement from the scrawl over his head, I Love You Dude, begins to wane after a while. So Dude leaves his wall to find other places to go. Coffee mugs are nice, until they are filled with boiling coffee. This city is a dangerous place for a doodle. Where will Dude go? A great read for a 2nd or 3rd grader looking for a funny adventure.

Click here to find a copy of I Love You Dude

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