Let’s be frank.  Librarians are in love with words and reading. We like to connect our customers with their next favorite book, movie, or CD. Often, this entails long conversations as we determine what they want. Other times, we may offer them booklists. But, we are aware that sometimes people just want to quickly find a book, movie, etc. that will capture their attention.

Enter the 8 word book review! Starting the first week in November the Heights Library Matchmakers will be offering 8 word reviews on our Twitter page.These reviews will be loosely patterned after Smith Magazine’s Six Word Memoirs but with 25% more content! See our previous post here.

If you aren’t already following us, just log in and find us @hts_matchmakers. We’re hoping that our short and pithy reviews will pique your interest. Let us know what you think.

One comment on “Find Succinct, Compact Reviews in Just 8 Words

  1. […] Stay tuned for our 8 word book review blogs coming soon. The Matchmaker bloggers will be writing some short and snappy reviews but we are much too wordy to review a book in just 8 words! You can read about it here. […]

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