finding love in lowercase

Samuel de Juan is a lonely linguistics professor, who listens to classical music, reads, and is a self-described hermit. He follows the same routine every day of his life and becomes distraught when there is the slightest detour. One day, the biggest detour of his life appears in the form of a cat. This cat arrives at Samuel’s door, darts in, and refuses to leave. At first, Samuel wants nothing to do with this uncontrollable force, and immediately tries to find him a new home. Despite his disdain, he slowly warms up to the unrelenting kitty, to the point that he panics when the cat runs out of the house and down the road. Samuel pursues him, ending the chase at a storefront, where he sees a woman he believed he was in love with many years ago. She sees him, and Samuel takes this as a sign that the world was telling him to pursue his lost love.

Like the movie (500) Days of Summer, this is not just a simple love story, but a story of Samuel finding himself. Samuel’s life in all aspects comes alive after meeting this cat. He makes friends with his neighbors, begins working on projects outside of his work, explores more of his city, and begins to realize how vibrant life can be outside of his apartment. Read Love in Lowercase by Francesc Miralles to learn more about Samuel, and see a person whose life is revived by a small feline friend.

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