For the Love of Handcrafts

Did you know that the earliest evidence of felting dates back to the Neolithic era? That one of the earliest forms of appliqué is seen in an Egyptian Queen’s funeral canopy dated to 980 B.C.E.? Looking for the latest designers in various handcrafts? Or are you just looking for some fun new projects? This book is for you!

This bright turquoise book is much more than just a beautifully designed coffee table book. The Handmade Life: A Companion to Modern Crafting by Ramona Berry & Rebecca Jobson takes you on a journey through the world of crafts. Everything from knitting, jewelry, origami, gilding, needlepoint and more is covered. Each chapter begins with a history of the craft, tools and techniques of the trade, features designers in that medium, and includes a project for you to try out!

If you are currently a crafter or want to jump into the world of crafting, this book gives a great overview of many crafts that are out there, and is a stepping stone to finding and learning about a new hobby!

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