From The Bachelor to the Books

Chris Harrison has branched out from his The Bachelor/The Bachelorette hosting gig to also become a published author with his first novel, The Perfect Letter. The story centers on editor Leigh Merrill, who seemingly has the perfect life; perfect job, perfect British boyfriend, and a fabulous life in New York City. But, she has a deep, dark secret.  One which starts to unravel when she is sent back to her childhood Texas town to be a keynote speaker at a writer’s conference. This secret is shared with Jake, her childhood love, who was sent to prison after a traumatic night that changed both of their lives ten years ago. At the writer’s conference, Leigh sees Jake for the first time since he was sentenced, and has to deal with all the feelings she buried long ago. She had given up all hope of ever seeing or speaking to him again, but as soon as they laid eyes on each other, Leigh’s old feelings for Jake began to stir once again. She has to decide whether to keep her perfect life in New York, or start a new adventure with the life of her past.

I picked up this book because I am a Bachelor/Bachlorette fan, and it puts me in mind of Nicholas Sparks, so if you enjoy his books you might enjoy this one too!


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