Free audio and video streaming service is now available to Heights Library cardholders via Hoopla. Hoopla offers access to thousands of video, music and audiobook titles for streaming or temporary download. Customers can enjoy their selected content on smartphones or tablets as well as computers. All content is ready for check-out. There’s never a waiting period or holds list in Hoopla. Borrow with confidence because there are never any late fees. At the end of the checkout period, the item is returned automatically.

What’s Needed:

  • Your Heights Library card
  • A valid email address
  • A computer or Wi-Fi enabled device
  • An Internet connection

Please note: streaming digital videos (movies and TV shows) as well as audiobooks or temporarily downloading digital content requires a fast Internet connection. If your connection is slow, it may be difficult to stream or download the titles.

Locate the link to Hoopla Digital in the eMedia tab

Sign Up Using a Windows or Mac Computer:

1. Go to the Heights Library Home page –> eMedia link –> Streaming media

2. Click on

3. In the top right corner of Hoopla’s home page click on Sign Up

4. Follow the four-step process to open an account:

  • Step 1 – Reading and agreeing to the terms; click on Continue
  • Step 2 – Click on the down arrow at Choose a Library and scroll down to and click on to select Clev-Univ Heights Public Library; click on Continue
  • Step 3 – Click in the text boxes to enter your library card number and pin number
  • Step 4 – Enter your email address (twice); create a unique password for the account and enter the password (twice)

First-time Hoopla users wishing to stream or download content to their personal computers are prompted to install the free Widevine plugin. (No plug-ins are required for Apple or Android devices using the Hoopla app).

At the prompt click on Install Plugin Click on Install Now Click on Run

Hoopla does not support Internet Explorer 11, but is compatible with Explorer 8-10. Other supported browsers include Chrome, Safari, and Firefox 8 & above. An Adobe Flash Player plugin must be installed for Firefox and Internet Explorer prior to playing videos.

To finalize the install of the necessary plugin and stream content using a personal computer, sign out of Hoopla and then sign back in.

Signing Up Using a Tablet, Smartphone or Mobile Device

1. Go to the Apple app or Google play store to download the free Hoopla Digital app (By Midwest Tape)

2. Click on Sign Up and create an account following the above Steps 1-4

3. With Apple or Android apps, customers have the ability to either stream the content from the web or they can temporarily download the content to their device. To listen or watch titles offline when not connected to the Internet, be sure to tap the Borrow button first then tap the Download Icon (cloud with the arrow through it). Temporary download means that the title will remain on the device for the duration of the borrowing period and will be automatically removed from the app on the due date.

It’s possible to sign-up, browse, and create a list of favorites using a personal computer then sign in using a smartphone or other mobile device in order to view favorites, stream or temporarily download titles.

Browsing and Checking Out

1. Sign into your Hoopla account on a PC or mobile device

2. Browse categories to find movies, music, audiobooks and television shows or use the search box to find an exact title

3. Click on the image of the movie, music, audiobook or television series title for details

4. Click on the Add to My Favorites button to create a list of titles to check out at a later date

5. Click on the Borrow button to check out the item

6. A pop-up message appears briefly: Now Available Under My Titles

7. Click the My Titles tab at the top of the page to see or hear the title


Customers can download up to 10 titles per card each month, and those 10 downloads can be combinations of any type of media (TV episodes count as one download). Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when the lending period is over:

  • Audiobooks – 21 days
  • Music albums – 7 days
  • Movies, TV series, and videos – 3 days

Please note: Once 10 titles are checked out in a month’s time, cardholders will not be able to check out additional items until the first of the next month, even if items are returned early. Customers with a Barred or Blocked account, or Collections status, will be prohibited from using the service until their accounts have been cleared.


Use the search function on the Hoopla support website or contact the library.

For questions that cannot be answered by the support website or library staff, send an email directly to the Hoopla Customer Service:

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