Who’s super tall, has a great long neck, and is covered in spots?  A giraffe, of course!  This week’s ExploraStory focused on these magnificent creatures.



“Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae

Giraffes Can't Dance

“Giraffes” by Jill Anderson

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“Face to Face Safari” by Sally Hewitt

Face to Face Safari


We talked about the different features of giraffes such as their long necks, long legs, black tongues, and brown spots.  We then pretended to be giraffes and carried out actions to this rhyme:

A giraffe is as tall as tall can be

He eats the leaves right off the trees

He has long legs and a long neck too

But he can run faster than me or you!


We created our own giraffes using construction paper, yarn, and paint.  First,  each parent helped trace their child’s footprint on a sheet of yellow construction paper.  We then cut out the footprint.  This served as the giraffe’s head.  We used the remains of the yellow construction paper to cut out a long rectangle for the giraffe’s neck, two ears, and two horns.  We glued all the parts of our giraffe onto another sheet of construction paper.

Then it was time to decorate!  First we glued on some google eyes for our giraffe.  Then we cut small strips of brown yarn for the giraffe’s hair.  We glued the yarn along the giraffe’s neck.  Finally, each child received a small amount of brown paint so they could paint dots on the giraffe.  Children could use brushes or their fingers to paint on the dots.  Either way the giraffe turned out to be a sight to see!

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