Google Cloud Print – Now at Heights Libraries!


Google is always introducing new products and working on new concepts such as Google Glass. Some of their new projects have even seemed mysterious and have attracted public attention. Most recently, a barge appeared in the San Francisco Bay and it didn’t take the media long to discover that it was owned by Google. Many theories were thrown around including that the barge was a massive data center or that Google was developing a top secret project on the barge. In the last few days Google broke their silence and stated that the barge will eventually house a technology exhibit and learning site.


Google’s Mysterious Barge

One not so secret service that Google introduced earlier this year is Google Cloud Printing. Although this service is not cloaked in mystery, it’s still a great new wireless printing service that is now being offered in the Heights Knowledge and Innovation Center (HKIC) at Heights Libraries!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • This is a new pilot project designed to provide wireless printing to customers.
  • Google Cloud Printing is currently only offered in the HKIC at the Lee Road Branch.
  • You must have a Google account to use Google Cloud Print.
  • Printing to the HKIC Cloud Printer is limited to five (5) pages per day.
  • Color printing is not currently available.
  • In order to print using Google Cloud Print you must log-in to your Google account using the Google Chrome Browser.

To get started visit:

If you own a printer at home you can also use Google Cloud Print to print a document from the next room or even from a different continent! This can be done by either connecting an internet ready printer to Google Cloud Print or for classic printers, enabling the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome.

Find more information and answers to your questions here: Google Cloud Print

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