Google: More than a Search Engine

Nearly 80% of the world relies on Google to search the internet, but Google apps and services provide far more than that!

You might be most familiar with Gmail, Google’s free email service. There are over 1.5 billion active Gmail email addresses. But your Gmail email account provides far more than just an email inbox!

Google accounts include 15GB of storage, which is shared between Drive, emails and attachments, and Google Photos. Google is also the company behind YouTube. Having a Google account makes it easy to create a channel and post videos, as well as interact with others on the site, including commenting and subscribing.

Have an Android phone? You’ll need a Google account to download apps through the Google Play Store.

A Google account also provides access to a wide variety of products, including:

Android – the most popular mobile device operating system in the world!

Chrome OS – the operating system for Chromebooks

Google Assistant – voice-activated assistant that can help you complete tasks on your Android phone or Google Home smart speaker

Google Chrome – the most popular web browser in the world

Google Flights – search for flights across airlines from the Google Search page!

Google Image Search – look for images, including filtering by size and copyright

Google Play – an online marketplace for apps, movies and TV shows, music, and eBooks

Google Scholar – search for academic articles.

Bloggercreate your own blog

Gmail – the most popular email service

Google Calendar – keep track of appointments and events

Google Drive – store documents and create new ones. Google Drive includes Docs, Forms, Sheets, and Slides

Google Fonts – add public domain fonts to your websites

Google Maps – get directions and explore places with Google Street View

Google Photos – backup photos and clear space on your mobile devices

Google Translate – translate text, documents, and websites

Google Voice – a free VoIP provider

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