Happy Halloween, readers! Any reader of romance novels knows that there are tons of Christmas-themed books in the genre, right? Well, here’s All I Want for Halloween, by Marie Harte, a terrific contemporary romance that celebrates Halloween with costumes, pumpkins, cider and finding true love!

Sadie Liberato is tough, smart, and satisfied in her career as a baker in a family-run cafe and catering business. She likes her life just the way it is, thank you very much, and after having her heart broken just a few years ago, why put herself out into the dating scene again? Why bother when everything is really JUST FINE?

Sadie lets her sassy younger brother talk her into going to a Halloween party, and she dresses as a warrior princess. There’s plenty of drama when some reality-show stars from a show set in a motorcycle shop show up at the party. Sadie is absolutely, completely and totally NOT interested in getting involved with any reality-show star. Even though “Gear” Blackstone, the show’s top mechanic, is maybe possibly exactly her type…

If you like your romance steamy, then this is the book for you. It’s also set in Seattle, and in my opinion doesn’t feel quite as gritty as many urban romances do, partly because Sadie works in a bakery making decorated Halloween cupcakes and decorating the store with cobwebs and a haunted doll house, and partly because there are plenty of scenes set well outside of the city. Sadie and Gear are very direct with each other and really talk through their issues, both of which I love.

The book reviewers were really talking this one up, and I am glad to say it didn’t disappoint. And I’d also like to add that I adore the seductive Halloween cover!

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