Have You Found Your God Yet? (Random Nonfiction)

Author Eric Weiner lands in the Emergency Room with severe stomach pain.  While waiting for his diagnosis, a nurse cryptically asks, “Have you found your God yet?”  Thinking the worst, then getting a reprieve, he decides that this is a message he needs to heed.  So begins his journey to find his god and work through his persistent depression.  Weiner’s writing is breezy and humorous, while he treats the traditions that he explores and the gurus he meets with respect and, at times,reverence.  He gives the reader a voyeuristic view of eight religions with journeys to their respective stomping grounds.  We go to California to explore New Age Sufism and wind up in Turkey  “turning” with Muslim Dervishes.  Next stop is Nepal for a little Tibetan Buddhism and doses of wisdom served up from some ex-pat wise men.  We return to the States and get real with Franciscan monks in the Bronx.  Las Vegas is the perhaps an unlikely spiritual destination, but it suits Raelism well with their beliefs about Extraterrestrial creationism and hedonistic practices.  The mountains of China are the setting for investigation of the Tao accompanied by a wise, beer swigging buddy.  Where else but Seattle would Weiner find an enclave of (clothing optional) Wiccans to consort with?  The Shamans of Maryland garner Weiner’s attention before his final destination, Israel and the mystical, magical town of Tzfat where he discovers Kabbalah.  With its cast of offbeat masters and its bumbling, all too human guide, Man Seeks God: My Flirtations With the Divine is a thoroughly entertaining, tantalizing romp for spiritual seekers and the spiritual curious.

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