Have You Met Peter Potamus?

You may or may not know it, but the Heights Libraries children’s departments have a mascot…

Peter Potamus is a hippo who lives in the Lee Road children’s room. Peter’s main duties are holding it down and keeping it real, and welcoming visitors to the children’s room. In the past, some people have mistaken Peter for a dog or a cow, so he’s out to set the record straight. Peter has chosen some of his favorite hippo books and kindly put them on display so everyone can learn a little more about the greatest animal on the planet (in his opinion, of course).


Some of the titles include:

  Bertie at Bedtime by Marcus Pfister

 From the author who brought you Rainbow Fish comes the sweet story of Bertie, a little  hippo who has a lot to do before bedtime. Will Bertie ever get to bed or will Daddy tire out  first?

Hippos: Huge and Hungry by Lucy Sackett Smith

From the Mighty Mammals series, Hippos: Huge and Hungry is a great non-fiction     choice for second or third grade readers. Large photographs and accessible language     allow readers to explore the life, habitat, and future of wild hippos.

 Poet Jack Prelutsky presents I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus a collection of poems illustrated by   Jackie Urbanovic. The works range from short poems and haikus to longer works all about  animals, some of which aren’t likely to be found in the wild, like “The Agile Hopalotamus” or “The Fiff.” A great read for students being introduced to poetry or for families to enjoy    together.

Here’s a peek at the rest of Peter’s hippo display!


Peter has been kind enough to include some hippo facts and a few jokes, too!


Q: What do you give a sick hippo?
A: Lots of space!



Peter will continue sharing his favorite reads throughout the year, so be sure to be on the look-out for new book displays. After all, there’s nothing better for a library hippo to do all day than read great books and share them with friends!

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  1. My name is Peter Benkendorf, and I named Peter Potamus approximately 46 years ago, when I was 6. Currently living in Dayton, but looking to move back to Cleveland. I still have the picture sitting atop my namesake from the Sun-Press. Glad to know he is still around!

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