Heights Libraries Board Approves Budget for University Heights Branch Renovation, Releases Tentative Dates for Building Closing and Start of Construction

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library board last night voted on and approved the construction budget for the renovation of the University Heights branch.

The final budget of $5.6 million breaks down as follows: construction costs (“hard costs”) will be roughly $4.2 million, with an additional $1.4 million in “soft costs,’ such as land costs, moving costs, furniture and fixtures, permits, design fees, insurance, technology costs, and other items.

Tentative dates for upcoming building renovation activities at the University Height branch are below. The building is slated to be closed for renovation in September 2016 and remain closed throughout most of 2017. The project is expected to take 14 months to complete

Heights Libraries has hired Lakewood-based Regency Construction Services to serve as the construction manager for the project. Regency will work closely with the Library and the architect, CBLH Design, during the final design process, providing construction costs and schedule information regarding the project. During the construction Regency and its subcontractors will handle construction, managing field operations at the site, while focusing on quality, safety, keeping the project on schedule and on budget compliance.

Throughout the summer, staff at the University Heights branch will be steadily weeding the collection to prepare it for storage. Some furniture and fixtures at the branch will be either put to use in the other library buildings or sold at a public surplus sale on August 27.

University Heights branch staff will continue to work for the library system at the three other branches, as well as provide outreach services with Heights Libraries newest addition: a Book Mobile.

The Book Mobile, which the Library purchased this month, will make predetermined, scheduled stops in the city of University Heights during the renovation period, providing city residents with a small, yet popular, selection of books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks. Heights Libraries plans to keep the book mobile after the renovation is complete and continue to use it for outreach purposes. More details about the Book Mobile will be available in coming weeks.

The Heights Libraries board is close to making a decision on the final building design. As soon as the plans have been finalized, images of the design will be released on the Library’s website.

Tentative Dates

Friday, July 29, 2016: Meeting rooms at the University Heights branch will close to public use.

Approximately August 15, 2016: In preparation for the renovation, the three houses on Fenwick (2175, 2179, and 2183) will be removed around this date, and construction fencing will be put up around the existing library building. Also, many outdoor plants will be moved to other branches and the large outdoor planters will be moved.

August 27, Saturday: Surplus sale, open to the public (furniture, fixtures, etc.)

August 28, 2016 (Sunday): A groundbreaking ceremony will take place at the branch.

September 4, 2016 (Sunday): The last day the University Heights branch will be open before construction.

September 6, 2016 (Tuesday): The University Heights branch will be closed for renovation. (Monday, September 5 is Labor Day, all branches closed.)