Highly Prolific

Say what you want about writer/actor/director Woody Allen, but there is one thing I’m sure we can all agree on: he is highly prolific. And when you’ve directed almost 50 films and have over 70 writing credits to your name, it’s fair to say you’re going to have some hits and some misses. I bring this up because December 16 marks the release date of Magic in the Moonlight, starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone. It didn’t make any waves when it came out; no critical rave reviews. Rotten Tomatoes clocks it at 51% on the Tomatometer. I can’t give my opinion as I’ve not seen it yet. So it could be a hit or a miss. What’s your opinion?

So while you are waiting for your copy of Magic in the Moonlight to come in, or if you just want to check out a reliable Woody Allen film, here are a few suggestions:

Annie Hall

Blue Jasmine

Match Point

Midnight in Paris



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