Hot Chocolate Part Deux

In previous posts, I tend to refer to Zane as the erotica golden standard. Especially when I want to describe the erotic nature of a novel. It is amazing to me that when I describe a book to be Zane-like, most people already know what type of book it is going to be.

Lately, Zane has been giving us an opportunity to sample other up and coming authors and their brand of sweet tasty temptation. As part of the anthologies, the anthology that caught my attention was Succulent: Chocolate Flava II. The title alone just seemed to catch my eye. Why? Well there is succulent (delicious), chocolate (super good,) and well more succulent chocolate. (What’s not to like? Am I right?) Now some of the stories just grabbed my…I mean touched my…what I mean to say is…is it hot in here? ~ahem~  Where am I, er were we ? Oh yes. I remember.

Sadly my friends, I am not allowed to give specific details about the goings on in the book. But I will share the main plot of my favorite story. A middle aged woman finds out that her husband is having an affair with a much younger woman who is currently carrying her husband’s child and has no where to go. Instead of kicking Miss Thang out and seeking a divorce from her hubby, she invites her husband’s young mistress to move in and share the wifely duties, including cooking and cleaning. And why not? If you are going to share the fun, you should share the work. It sounds like a good idea to me. Well Kind of. If you can forget the heart wrenching soul searing pain of knowing that your honey bunny has been unfaithful to you.  And the rage that sends you spiraling down into dark fantasies of spork torture.  (“What are you going to do with that spork !?! noooooo….” Okay maybe not spork torture. Spork torture. Sorry, It makes me giggle. Tee Hee.)

The whole book was like a box of chocolate. There are some stories you really like, filled with the centers that make your mouth water. But there some stories that may leave a bad taste in your mouth like cough syrup filled chocolates. But I do believe there is something for everyone who likes these types of treats.  No two stories are exactly alike but there is a similar thread. But that’s because there are only so many ways you can describe…well you know. (You know.)

I do want to give a word of warning to those who think they might want to try some of the activities in the book. Listen carefully. I shall say this only once.

The acts in this book are performed by fictional professionals. Trying these stunts can result in possible termination of employment, incarceration, fines and/or court costs, aversion to sunlight and/ or garlic, itching, redness, hallucinations, frivolous spending, involuntary outbursts, loss of appetite, watery eyes, muscle strain, spasms, possible allergic reactions to plastic and/or silicone, guilt, fatigue, a sense of euphoria followed by a debilitating crash, drowsiness, being disowned by your entire family, excommunication (if applicable), motion sickness, black eyes, bruised egos, withdraw, possible undeath, and um… a tummy ache. See a doctor, if advised.

Read with caution. The contents of this novel are HOT.

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  1. Not the type of thing that I read, but by gum, I sure do like reading your posts. Love your style – you crack me up. Keep up the great work!

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