How to Survive Your Murder

What’s your favorite scary movie? 

If you are Alice Lawrence, you may have a problem answering that one. Not because Alice hates scary movies. No, because Alice loves scary movies and she wouldn’t be able to pick just one. Alice Lawrence loves all things horror but especially loves slasher flicks with a good Final Girl.

Alice just never thought that she would wind up as one. 

In the novel How to Survive Your Murder by Danielle Valentine, Alice Lawrence is the main girl, our Final Girl, and she knows a thing or two about horror movies and will gladly tell anyonewho will listen. She has a relatively normal life until one Halloween (it’s always Halloween), her sister is murdered in a cornfield (it’s always a cornfield) and Alice is the sole witness. After that night, her life changes drastically: her parents divorce and she distances herself from her friends. As the book opens, it’s been a year and Alice would do anything to go back and save her sister from her fate. It’s the day of the trial and Alice has to testify against the man she knows for a fact murdered her sister. The only issue is she gets knocked out by a Sidney Prescott lookalike in the courthouse bathroom and wakes up the day her sister is murdered! The Sidney Prescott lookalike gives Alice a few rules she has to follow, because there are always rules, and sets her off on the impossible task. 

Save her sister, find the true killer before he kills again, and stay alive until midnight. 

How to Survive Your Murder is a quick and fun read with twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing who’s behind the mask until the last chapter.

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