If You Could See The Sun by Ann Liang

If you had the chance to turn invisible whenever you wished, what would you do?

If you said, “Create an app that has you complete secret tasks given to you by your super rich classmates in order to earn money to stay in school,” then congrats! You’re just like the protagonist of If You Could See the Sun by Ann Liang

Alice Sun is a teenage girl that lives in Beijing, China, where she attends Arlington, a prestigious international boarding school amongst the ranks of China’s most influential (and rich) teenagers. Alice has always felt invisible among her peers. As one of the few students there on a scholarship, she has an intense need to prove herself by having the best grades and beating her competition, Henry Li, for any academic goal that comes their way.

But that all changes one day, when Alice finds out from her parents that her partial scholarship is on the line because they can no longer afford her tuition. Alice is devastated and unsure of what she’s going to do, but then something incredible happens. Alice turns invisible, literally, to the world around her. She sees this as a chance to not only earn money to keep her place at the school for the rest of the year, but start saving up for college as well. Alice is willing to do anything to stay at Airlington. Even if that means teaming up with Henry Li or following around a classmate’s parents to see if they are cheating, or maybe even committing a petty crime or two.

This is a story about Alice Sun, an invisible girl that has to decide if she wants to remain invisible or step out into the sun. If you want to find out what she decides give the book a try!

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